Sultry, Satisfying, Savory Hamburger Steaks Entangled In A Seductive Web Of Caramelized Onions Over Bread

Get Ready For Your Eyes To Roll Back Into Your Head And Your Toes To Curl
What a great weeknight meal! I really liked the Worcestershire and A1 sauce in the burger… added great flavor.

This looks pretty fancy when plated, so no one needs to know how super simple it was to make! And you know what? It was incredibly simple to make and that’s just the way I like it lol! I can remember my grandpa making these open faced burger sandwiches and he’d always use a lot of brown gravy and onions. As a kid, I thought it looked gross but I remember giving it a try and being very happy that I did.
The gravy is probably my favorite part of the meal as it is deliciously salty and soaks right into the bread. I would definitely classify this food as comfort food because it fills your belly up nicely and leaves you feeling full and well nourished.

If you’re looking for a healthier dish try using ground turkey meat instead of ground beef to fashion your steak patties. Enjoy!

This is one of the recipes that proves itself over and over again with wholesome goodness and a touch of comfort. My husband is a big fan of the open-face hamburger steak sandwich. he could literally eat this meal several times a week and I don’t blame him. My kiddos enjoy this meal as well but they prefer theirs sans onions. I love the onions but you know how picky little mouths can be. Anyway, personalize this recipe to fit your family’s needs!
I can totally see why! It tastes delicious!

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