Sunday Morning Cinnamon Rolls – Let Their Scent Awaken Your Hunger

About 30 minutes away from where I live, there is a farm of strawberries and tomatoes that is owned by an Amish family.
They live in Ohio in the summer months and travel to Florida for the winter where they open the farm, sell their crops and make some home baked goods. Some of the best treats they make are herb rolls and cheesy bread. They are salty and fresh and I can down the bag of dozen in one day if my husband would let me. The other great treat they make is cinnamon rolls. Now, these cinnamon rolls have something that is unlike any other I have ever eaten in my life.
They have a thick bread, but it is very soft. They are not necessarily flaky, but definitely very fluffy. They are really fat and the center is full of cinnamon goodness. The glaze over these is not just a light drizzle, but it is completely coated.
It is so amazing! The lines to get a box of cinnamon rolls is never shorter than 3 hours, but they are still totally worth it. I go at least once every winter and stock up!

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