Sweet Corn And Zucchini Garden Fritters

Summer is a bountiful season, and these crispy garden fritters are the perfect way to celebrate that bounty. From fresh tomatoes to summer squash, there is so much veggie goodness during the season it can be hard to keep up.

Two of our favorite summer stars are sweet corn and zucchini (which is perhaps the most prolific of all) and these little fritter cakes showcase their best qualities oh so well. While the outside is crispy and crunchy, the shredded zucchini keeps the inside of this fritter moist and chewy. Whole kernels of fresh corn give each bite a sweet pop of juiciness.

We love to serve them with a little dollop of cool sour cream, and maybe even a little hot sauce. They’re so delicious and don’t take long to make at all. You just mix up the ingredients in one bowl and then pan fry the little cakes in a bit of oil until each side is browned and crispy. Easy as can be! And tasty too.

So go on and give these a try. They pack in a hearty serving of healthy veggies and a little pan fryin’ never hurt anyone. If you’ve got corn and zucchini coming out your ears, they’re the perfect solution… but if you don’t, you might want to go scrounge some up just so you can make these!

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