Tease Your Taste Buds With Tart Mandarin Orange Cheesecake

This recipe has been one of my grandmother’s favorites for years.

We followed a recipe for it one day a long time ago when we both had a longing for cheesecake, but did not know how to make it. We made it over and over again, substituting the fruit for different flavors to try new things. They were all great (guava was my personal favorite!) Sadly, some time ago, we lost the recipe. We looked for it high and low, but nothing. It was gone. So I knew it was time for us to come up with something.
This recipe is truly an easy one for anyone to put together. No need to spend hours perfecting a cheesecake that takes too long to make. It is far too difficult and not worth it. This cheesecake may even be better than the classic cheesecake I have slaved over making in the past.

In my house, cheesecake has always been served for Thanksgiving. The problem is, my mom spends far too long (and by that I mean over 8 hours) preparing a cheesecake that is devoured in 30 minutes. This cheesecake is ready to eat in 4 hours tops and has far fewer ingredients. Another great thing about this delicious citrus cheesecake is that you can use oranges instead of mandarins if you prefer. Even lemon would be nice.
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