Fruit. I seriously can’t get enough fruit. I have always loved having fruit in the house and my little girl loves fruit just as much as I do! Even though I love summer fruits and am totally a strawberry gal, some of my favorite fruits are winter fruits. Clementines for example are always at our house as soon as they start putting them in the grocery stores. And I am totally obsessed with kiwis. Apples, pears, pomegranate seeds, everything comes together so perfectly in this mouthwatering salad.

I made this winter fruit salad quite a few times during the holidays and it is so bright, vibrant and delicious. We love having a fruit salad at the dinner table when we eat with family, and this one is always requested!

It’s so simple and requires a little chopping and gets tossed in a honey lime poppyseed dressing. I love using honey lime in my fruit salads and it gives it a sweet and tangy coating on the fruit.

I could have eaten almost this entire bowl of fruit by myself and it is always a hit with our family! I know that you are going to love it too!
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