The Cowboy Cornbread Trifle

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I made this twice for family events. Everyone liked it both times but being from Texas, everyone said it needed to be spicier the first time so here’s what I did. I switched the regular corn to Mexi corn (has red and green bell peppers in it). I used the hot green chili peppers instead of the mild. I added a teaspoon of cumin to the ranch salad dressing. We all liked it even better the second time (with the extra spice).
Next time I make it I’m going to use pico de gallo (chunky salsa) instead of just straight tomatoes.

EXCELLENT! Serves 12 easily. I prefer making the ranch dressing from the package as the dressing is very important to the salad. I used 1 package Ranch dressing, 1 cup mayo and 1 cup sour cream. Also added a bit of cumin,oregano and chili powder. Try different cheeses…Monteray Jack and mild cheddar are nice. I prefer making this the day before as all the flavors blend. You’ll get raves from this easy, colorful and scrumptious
salad. A big winner in my book!!!!!

I found a similar recipe to this in Southern Living magazine last summer. I added teh chiles TO the corn bread mix along w/ a little taco seasoning to make a mexican corn bread. I also used 1 can black beans instead of pinto, layered w/ romaine lettuce, real bacon instead of the bits and use Montery Jack cheese instead of plain cheddar.

Overall this is a great salad that you can adjust to your own liking! It does make a huge bowl, so make sure you’ve got plenty to eat it!!!

Gosh…What can I say about a recipe that has had everyone that I have EVER served it too flippin’ out? Not enough, apparently. This salad is FANTASTIC and I have made it over 6 times for different occasions. I HIGHLY reccommend that you try this and have some fun with it. Some substitutions I have made are using differnet Ranch dressings (a spicy Texas ranch was a HUGE hit) plus I’ve changed the beans from pinto to black beans, I’ve changed the cheese. It’s very flexible, so have fun! Really, though…it’s FABULOUS! make it, make it, make it!!! Oh yeah, also I make/serve it on a really big colorful platter, and garnish it with a red or green jalapeno pepper.ENJOY!!!

This was a hit at our Labor Day BBQ. I added layers of sliced black olives and used the Sour Cream Dressing recipe on this site in place of the bottled dressing. It looks beautiful and festive in a trifle bowl and is definitely not your ordinary salad. Awesome recipe, Jose! Thx.

I have taken this to several potlucks and it is always a hit. I agree that it makes a bunch, so I just make half the recipe for small gatherings (15 people or less) and I just use a box of Jiffy cornbread. To make it quick, I use canned, diced tomatoes w/ roasted garlic.

This was a hit at a recent get-together! I used Kraft Cilantro Pepper flavored Ranch dressing that I think made it even better. The bacon bits aren’t really necessary for this dish to work! Try this recipe…it’s easy and delicious!


1 box cornbread mix, prepared per package instructions
2 medium jalape├▒os, seeded and minced
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