The Easy, No-Scrub Way to Clean BBQ Grills

Summer is undeniably the season of grilling. But during fall, winter, and even spring, your grill tends to sit and rust. Sad, we know. So when you open up your BBQ grill to start the grilling season, you probably found what we did: grimy, gross, caked-on grills. Your first game plan is probably to go to town on your grills with steel wool or a bristle brush. But after 10 minutes with a wire brush, you probably realized you need another approach for getting your grills shining again. Well, we are here to tell you that people across the internet had the most success with the method below.

All you need is some household ammonia, a garbage bag, and a rubber band or some kind of tie to keep it all together. This is a quick, effective method that doesn’t require any serious elbow grease!


– Ammonia
– Garbage Bag
– Rubber band or some type of tie

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