This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Peach Jam…In Fact, She May Ask For Your Recipe!

There’s just nothing that quite compares to the rich, smooth and soothing flavor of homemade peach jam. It’s a way to enjoy summer all year long, requiring only that you open a jar to unleash the best of what the summer season has to offer. We’re a big fan of homemade jam, because it’s almost like you can literally bottle all of the summertime goodness and then break it out any time you need it — like when it’s snowing something fierce outside and you’re stuck in the house developing cabin fever!

Fortunately, it’s easier than you might think to enjoy summer fruit year-round, even in the dead winter. You may think of canning as something antiquated and that only your grandparents’ generation knew how to do. However, it’s actually a simpler process than it sounds, and something you can easily do at home.

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