These Almond Cookies Are Royal!

I was recently watching a documentary online about the Queen of England. It was a story of her whole life and the way she grew up, how she became a princess and then ultimately the Queen. The story is portrayed beautifully with gorgeous colors, homes, clothing, and people. It really makes you feel like you are a part of the story that is going on as you see the Queen evolve into the woman she is today. One of my favorite parts of the storyline is watching the Queen sit down for afternoon tea and cookies or a meal. Everything was so elegant and beautiful.

One thing that I noticed was at tea time, the Queen had almond cookies. Each and every one of them were perfectly shaped and matched the others and they had a gorgeous set up at the table. The tea was set perfectly every time and the whole tea room matched with the place settings and everything. My favorite part was definitely those almond cookies, so I decided I would try to make them at home for my husband and myself – and boy were they delicious! They were everything I dreamed them to be and almost made me feel like part of the Royal Family.

Now, I cannot promise that you will get these cookies perfectly shaped every single time like those in the documentary, but I can promise you that you can get them perfectly flavored every single time! These are soft, airy and have a light nutty almond flavor. They are perfect for tea time (or coffee time if that is what you prefer). They remind me of some of the nice Parisian cookies. They definitely have a European flair to them!

Check out what our friends over at Sweet and Savory by Shinee had to say about these:
“These almond cookies are chewy and full of flavor, nothing short of regular old chocolate chip cookies.”

Yesss, I so agree! Chocolate chip cookies are so last year. These are the perfect cookie to indulge in at any time of day! You are going to love these.

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