These Little Pillows Of Air Are Just Heavenly

Does your family love tater tots? Mine does, we always have a stash of them in the freezer. My husband in particular absolutely loves tater tots, whether it’s a side at breakfast or a side for dinner. He will take them at any time of day, really. I’ve always bought the frozen kind because I truthfully had never even thought of making my own…until now.

This recipe is basically just potatoes and seasoning, and then you can either deep fry or bake them to perfection. It is much more wholesome and delicious than the store bought, frozen kind. They taste better and the best part: you can make as many or little as you’d like! You can also make them into any shapes or sizes you prefer which my family just loves!

Guys, this recipe is really so simple and straightforward. Don’t be afraid by the fact that you have the boil the potatoes, grate them, and then also form them into tater tots. I was actually freaking out over this and thought I had gotten in way over my head, but I could not have been more wrong. It was truthfully so simple and easy and every step went by flawlessly.

This recipe is actually really fun to do as a group with friends or with children or grandchildren. It is easy to follow, and kids would love to help with grating the potatoes as well as shaping them. Also, double or triple the recipe and then just freeze the tater tots for future use. It will help make future breakfasts or dinners quite quick.

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