These Squares Are Better Than Any You’ve Ever Tried Before

Give Me 5 Minutes And I’ll Give You The Most Delicious Dessert Recipe On The Planet

Have you ever had such a delicious dessert that it made you want to go outside and hand out samples to everyone walking by? Well, I gotta tell you this recipe is THAT good – but it’s also way to good for me to go and share any of it with anyone, haha! Nope, not a chance. My husband and kids are lucky if they’ll get one of these strawberry cheesecake squares before I stuff my face with the rest of the batch!
And if enjoying these means I will have to do three extra workouts at the gym, then so be it. I’m willing to do whatever it takes so that I can keep eating these! Trust me; that’s a lot coming from someone who doesn’t particularly like working out!

These strawberry cheesecake squares are absolutely divine and they are also easy to make. The hardest part is waiting for them to set before you can start munching! But it is well worth the wait, and if you’re making these for a family gathering you should be prepared to share the recipe with everyone!

I enjoy the traditional version of cheesecake, but sometimes I like to use a rectangular pan instead of a springform one. It’s easier to cut and serve these cheesecake squares (and to me, easy always means awesome!)

This is a great dessert to take with you to any potluck, picnic or just a visit to a friend’s house. I have to warn you, though… If you intend to enjoy these tomorrow, too, you’re going to need to hide some of these in a very secret location! These will go super fast!
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