This Chicken Divan Is Positively Divine!

The other day, I was at my local supermarket doing my weekly groceries with my grandson Johnny in tow. We had spent the morning doing fun activities such as playing with Legos and watching movies until we got too hungry to go any further. At that point, we decided we would take a break and head to the supermarket to see what we could possibly pick up for lunch. When we got there, we noticed the deli line to make your own sandwiches was far too long, so we moved on.

We were finally resorting to the possibility of buying boxed ham and cheese and a loaf of bread and making our own sandwiches at home, when Johnny pointed out a rotisserie chicken stand. We grabbed one of those and a box of mashed potatoes and went home to eat lunch! Well, afterwards I still had tons of rotisserie chicken leftover and I knew I had to send Johnny to school with lunch the next day so I got to work to find the perfect casserole dish to make this into. Well, in no time, I had this chicken divan casserole working up in the oven and we were both so pleased by the smell, we dug into that too once it was ready!

Well, once we had this baked up, we knew it would be a hit. So instead of keeping it all to ourselves, went over to my daughter’s house (Johnny’s mom) and all shared this. All I could hear were compliments galore. This one is bound to get you compliments as well, and shh, no one knows this was totally made with your leftovers! So easy, so filling and yet totally delicious! There is nothing about this dish that I would want to change, and honestly, I would not mind having it every day for dinner!
Check out what our friends over at Mum’s the Word had to say about this:
“Chicken Divan Casserole is a simple, and tasty weeknight meal! Perfect for leftover Turkey or a Rotisserie chicken and freezer friendly!”

Oh yeah, did I mention you can use up leftover turkey in this, too?! I mean, what an amazing recipe to keep around!

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