This Strawberry Shortcake Recipe Stole My Heart

Not only does this dessert taste good it’s pretty to look at, too!
I remember when my youngest sister was a baby, the only show she ever wanted to watch was strawberry shortcake.

You know that show, the little girl that was obsessed with strawberries, lived on a strawberry patch and everything she owned was pink or red? It was a really cute show, full of lots of yummy treats. I remember my sister one day asking what a strawberry shortcake was, and I realized that although I knew what it was, I had never tried one in my life.
So, I decided I had to figure out what that was, so I decided to make one. Never to be left out, my little sister joined me as well in the adventure of creating a perfect cake that we were not even sure how it was supposed to look or taste.

We bought the strawberries, made the cream and the cake and started assembling it. Just by the looks of it, we knew we were going to like it. Let me tell you friends, this was such a perfect cake, it was absolutely delicious.

We could not believe we had missed out on this amazingness for so long! We immediately made another cake to hide the one that we ate all on our own. haha

My sister and I were so thrilled with the beauty of this cake, it is all we wanted to enjoy for dessert for weeks. And when our birthday rolled around? We only wanted my mom to make or buy us a strawberry shortcake. We were really not into the idea of a chocolate cake anymore. This definitely took the cake (literally!). Hahaha. Well, this cake is so simple to make, I am certain anyone can put it together.
Make it in layer cake form to show off the middle, or make it in a casserole dish for practicality and ease of serving. Whatever you choose, I assure you everyone will still love it!
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