If you like chocolate, you’re definitely going to LOVE this Triple Chocolate Banana Bread! With a triple load of chocolate, it’s deliciously decadent and easy to make! In fact, it’s so good that you’re going to start buying extra bananas to ripen just so you can make this!

Do not overmix. Over mixing the batter will make your bread dense and chewy. Fold the wet/dry mixtures by hand just until combined.
Grease and flour your pan (and double check you’re using the correct sized pan asked for in the recipe).
Bake quick breads on the middle rack of your oven.
Insert a toothpick in the middle about 10 minutes before you expect the bread to be done to test for doneness. Overbaking will cause a dry loaf.
Quick breads can be frozen up to 3 months in a freezer bag or sealed container. (If desired, glaze once defrosted)


This recipe contains Half and Half. Half & half is a dairy product sold in most North American supermarkets. It is made up of half cream and half whole milk and will be found in the dairy case. You can generally substitute any light cream in it’s place (approximately 10-12% MF) or create your own mixture using heavy cream and milk.

This recipe uses regular cocoa powder, not Dutch-processed cocoa powder. There is a difference between the two, Dutch-processed is not acidic and doesn’t react with the ingredients the same way as regular cocoa.

Be sure to check your bread at 45-50 minutes to make sure it doesn’t over bake! If you aren’t freezing your banana bread, you’ll want to store it sealed in the refrigerator. Nuts (such as walnuts) can be substituted for the chocolate chips in this recipe.

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