Two Special Ingredients Amp Up The Flavor In This Slow Cooker Breakfast Casserole

I’ve Made This Breakfast Once a Week For Two Years And My Family Is Still Not Tired Of It
I have been in love with my slow cooker since the day I got it. For years I was struggling, trying to find enough time every day to cook all these meals for my family. It seemed like an impossible task and I often felt bad for sending my kids out of the house with just a snack bar, or getting takeout for dinner for the third time that week. When I got my slow cooker, it made such a huge difference in our daily routines!
I am a great fan of slow cooker recipes that can be enjoyed for breakfast, but they’re hearty enough for lunch or dinner, too. This pulled pork and biscuit casserole is just like that! If we happen to have any leftovers from breakfast, I’ll pack them for lunch for my husband.
I’ve tried many breakfast casseroles and in my opinion there are two things in this recipe that make it so delicious. The barbecue sauce and the Monterey Jack! My mouth is watering just thinking about this!

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