Ultimate Tomatoes Comfort Soup

The perfect silky tomato soup is pretty darn comforting, and when you add a grilled cheese sandwich to dip into it, it takes that comfort level up even higher. But we dared to dream of a soup that’s even more comforting… a soup that’s the ultimate in comfort, even. And when you dare to dream, great things happen.

We give you, the Ultimate Comfort Soup.

In this soup, fresh tomatoes are transformed into a silky and creamy soup that’s topped with crunchy grilled cheese croutons. Every bite is filled with a crisp bite of salty, cheesy goodness surrounded by the slightly sweet and delicate tomato soup.

This soup begins with roasting some whole fresh tomatoes in the oven. This deepens their flavor and caramelizes the sweetness a bit. It adds an amazing nuanced flavor to the soup, so don’t skip this step! Those roasted red orbs then make their way into the pot with some onions and garlic where they simmer away before they’re blended with basil and fresh cream.

As the pot bubbles away, you broil some bread, which gives it an even golden-brown crisp. You then flip the bread over, add some cheese and let it melt to your satisfaction before joining the pieces in sandwich-form and slicing them into delectable little croutons.

Those crunchy, cheesy croutons swim in a sea of creamy tomato liquid where they absorb some of the flavor below but maintain their crunch. Every spoonful is warm and satisfying. And if that’s not comfort, we don’t know what is.

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