Uncle Petey’s Texas Hashbrown Casserole Is A BIG Deal!

We have so many people coming over to our house for the holidays this year!
Normally, I host Thanksgiving dinner at my house and it includes my immediate family and my husband’s parents, grandparents, and maybe an aunt or uncle. However, this year my parents and siblings are making the drive from Michigan to Pennsylvania to celebrate with us. I am so super excited to see them! The food I make is going to have to be large and in-charge, man haha! We’ve got a lot of big eaters in our family.
I found this Texas hashbrown casserole on The Meaning Of Pie blog and I couldn’t be any more thrilled about it! For one, this casserole turns out amazing and for two it is very easy to double or even triple. Score for Team Mom.

I love hashbrown casseroles. They work great as a breakfast item or as a side dish during a holiday dinner. Sometimes, I’ll even make an entree out of the hashbrown casserole by tossing some ham or bacon into the mix. So yummy! The following recipe is very easy to hammer out when you’re in a hurry and just want to eat already! The last time i made this texas hashbrown casserole my husband gave it 2 thumbs up.
Check out what my pals over at The Meaning Of Pie had to say about this recipe:
Speaking of sin…the more cheese the better. And, I did a kid side as well as a grown up side to this casserole. On the grown up side, I added a can of chopped green chiles right on top of the potatoes but under the other toppings. It was awesome. I highly recommend the green chiles. And, many of you might recognize this as usually having crushed potato chips or corn flakes on top. You are correct. I had neither of those handy, and opted for salty Ritz crackers. You may choose whichever floats your boat.
Sinful? Nah. More like heavenly!

To Find Out All The Delicious Ingredients And The Step By Step Directions To Follow, Please Head On Over To The Next Page.

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