Unforgettable Cheeseburger Pie: An Easy Way To Feed The Family!

Try This Simple-To-Follow Recipe Today!

Everyone loves a good cheeseburger, right? It has been the all-American favorite for as long as I can remember; at least if you ask my husband and kids. Whenever I let them decide on dinner, someone always suggests cheeseburgers. I’m fine with that but, honestly, I don’t always feel like going through all that hassle with cooking the patties, warming the buns, assembling everything… you know what I mean?

That’s where the cheeseburger pie comes in handy! It has got to be the easiest way to serve cheeseburgers for a crow, unless you’d like to consider the golden arches as an option.

This cheeseburger pie recipe is one of my favorites; it serves 4-6 and you don’t even have to make the pie crust yourself, unless you have a really good family recipe for that.

This is the yummiest cheeseburger pie I’ve ever tried, and it has saved the day on so many occasions, I’ve lost count.

Make this for your family and you’ll be sure to get extra hugs and kisses for this! If you’d like, you could tweak the flavor by adding some of your favorites; try bacon, peas, or perhaps pickles? A little bit of hot sauce would bring some extra kick to this meal. You could also add a combination of your favorite cheese flavors, instead of using just cheddar. And if you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, they’ll make a great lunch when reheated the next day!


1 pie crust, standard
1 Tbsp Bertolli olive oil
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