Utterly Profound Microwave Chocolate Pudding Recipe Will Make You Smile

You haven’t truly lived until you’ve made microwave chocolate pudding.
The other day, my kids were all home and sick and feeling quite miserable. I wanted to make them something other than chicken soup, which they had been eating all day, to cheer them up. That’s when i came across my mom’s microwave chocolate pudding recipe. Now, I had been trying to make this recipe for years and hadn’t quite mastered it. However, I managed to conquer this delicious microwave chocolate pudding recipe on that day ?
I fel so good about myself! My kids loved the microwave chocolate pudding and so did I. We even put aside a small bowl of pudding for daddy ebcause we knew he’d like some, too.
Are you ready to get your hands on this amazing recipe? Wait no longer, my friend! Simply hop on over to the next page and let’s get cooking!

Nothing beats a bowl full of homemade microwave chocolate pudding. yes, you read that right. You can make absolutely delicious chocolate pudding in the microwave. The best part about this recipe is that the clean-up process is minimal. I love how you don’t have a bunch of pots and pans to scrub, afterward.
Oh, and the chocolate pudding is absolutely delicious, too! You can make your own whipped topping if you want or you can use good ‘ol Cool Whip.
Personally, I prefer to make my own whipped topping ?
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