WHERE IS THE MEDIA?! Someone Needs To Cover The Awesomeness Of This Baked Ziti, ASAP!

My mom makes a stupendous baked ziti casserole and you’re about to find out just how grand it truly is.
I can never get enough of pasta; can you? I can eat it all day, all night, and for the rest of my life. I am not kidding! Pasta is on my list of forever faves. My friends know that the only way to coerce me for an impromptu night out is a promise that they will bring me to our favorite Pasta House at the mall the next day. I am not Italian, but I grew up in a quasi-Italian household just because we always had pasta on our table.
I remember talking about how my family and I used to sit down every Friday night just to plan for what type of pasta dish we’d have for the weekend.

Even now that I have my own house, I carried the tradition with me, except that I do experiments once in a while.

A good pasta dish can save you most especially from impromptu dinners, potlucks, and surprise visits from friends and families. Having a simple but reliable recipe on your list and you can go a long way. Pasta is quite a flexible little thing. You will be surprised that it goes well with almost anything! I am so excited about eating this delicious meal!
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