White Chocolate, Blueberry, And Ginger Cookies

This week is cookie baking week at my house. Every year during the beginning of fall, I bake batch after batch of cookies all day to freeze for the upcoming winter months. It’s always nice to pull out a fresh batch of cookies from the freezer to enjoy.
All you do is warm them in the microwave or allow to thaw on the countertop for a quick snack. I typically stick to the traditional recipes, but I like to toss in a few gourmet cookies to the mix. That’s when I discovered these blueberry white chocolate and ginger cookies.
Just the name sounds tasty! I made three dozen of these little beauties and I’m glad that I did because my family has already eaten one. I’m all like, guys, those are for the freezer! Haha!

Sometimes, I just get tired of all the standard cookie recipes out there. From peanut butter to sugar, they get boring. I was overjoyed to find this blueberry white chocolate ginger cookie recipe because it was a new variety for me.
Check out what my pals over at Group Recipes had to say about this recipe:
” This recipe is a very creative spin on everyday cookies. The flavor of the blueberries, ginger, and white chocolate match perfectly. “
It’s true, the flavors in these cookies do match perfectly. Each one complements the other and I really like that. I was worried that the ginger might be a tad overpowering but it truly as not.

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