XXL Slow Cooker Chocolate Chip Cookie

Everyone gets cravings for cookies now and again, right? But what about when you get a huge craving for an even huger cookie?? For those times when you want to feed a crowd (or for when you just need a little more cookie for yourself), this recipe is just the ticket. It’s a slow cooker chocolate chip cookie – an XXL cookie, no less, that has just as much inner ooey-gooeyness as it does perfectly crisp edges. Win-win!

To achieve such greatness, all you need to do is whip up a quick dough for your XXL cookie. Depending on the size of you slow cooker and how thick you want your cookie, you might need to double the ingredients, but you really can’t go wrong either way. Once you’ve got your dough, the realllly important thing is to grease and line your slow cooker before the dough goes in. Sometimes we look at that step in the instructions of a recipe and we chuckle and completely ignore it. Don’t do that here unless you want to be scraping off bits of cookie from the bottom of your slow cooker later on. So to avoid that, grab your parchment paper and your non-stick spray and don’t be afraid to wield ‘em!

Once the dough’s in the slow cooker, you can kick back and relax! We put a couple pieces of paper towels underneath the lid to catch any moisture, then we started checking the dough around the two-hour mark to make sure it was crisping up nicely. You might want to turn your cooker on high for the last 30 minutes, leaving the lid off so the top firms up a bit more, then just take out the insert and let it cool before slicing it up. You’re seriously never going to regret making this XXL cookie – it’s too good to pass up!

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