Yummy Cream Puffs And Chocolate Eclairs

Dessert Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This!
When it comes to dessert I am willing to taste test just about anything. If I lived back in the times when Kings and Queens had food testers to make sure their edibles weren’t poisoned I would have gladly volunteered. Well, for the desserts, anyway. I don’t know how much I’d dig eating pigeon pie. Yuck! Anyway, the recipe on the next page is for some pretty amazing cream puffs and chocolate eclairs.
I don’t think you will find the recipe too hard to follow, either. I didn’t find it complicated at all. if I can whip up these pretty little desserts than anyone can. Seriously, get your apron on and get to baking. You’re gonna love these!

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If you are looking to make a classy, dainty dessert than you must give this cream puff and chocolate eclair recipe a go. I’m telling you, folks, this is the stuff right here! I didn’t think I would be able to make such a bakery-esque pastry but guess what? I did and it wasn’t hard at all! My kids came home from school and thought I had stopped at the local bakery for goodies. You should have seen their faces light up when I told them that I made the yummies myself.
I made these cream puffs and chocolate eclairs for my mom’s birthday and put them in pretty pink boxes with satin bows and she loved them!
  To Find Out All The Yummy Ingredients And The Step By Step Directions To Follow for this Delicious recipes, Go to the next page.

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