Buttery Baked Shrimp Casserole – It Satisfies Your Seafood Cravings

There are always two versions of a recipe—one, the traditional rich version; and the other the modified, healthier version.
If we will only choose for flavor, we will always choose the traditional one. The one that uses full cream milk instead of low fat. The one that uses original cream cheese instead of lite. The ones that uses heavy cream instead of just milk. However, we sometimes really need to watch over our health. Living a healthy (okay, maybe not totally!) lifestyle will allow us to enjoy more food. The best way to do this is to eat in moderation. Or find the best alternative dish to the original.
Our family loves to eat. Even the husbands of my aunts, my uncles-in-law, learned to love food because of our family. There was a downside to this though. My aunts, who grew up in a household where even the healthiest food tasted great, didn’t have health problems. It was their husbands who were suffering the consequences of enjoying too much good food. Our aunts cooked the food, and our uncles were the ones who enjoyed them all.
So now, most of my uncles had to watch the food they eat because they all developed hypertension. My aunts keep recreating food that will allow their husbands to still eat good recipes without sacrificing their health.

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