Chunky, Gooey, Delicious Carrot Cake Bars

This is a simple and sweet carrot cake bar recipe that anyone can make.
On the next page, you will find all of the details as to how this wonderful recipe comes together. I really enjoy the addition of one simple ingredient that you would never expect to be in a cake recipe! Let’s just say that it keeps the cake really moist and cuts down on the work. These bars have become one of my favorite treats to make for my family.
I’m serious, you guys, these bars are super moist so you may want to eat them with a fork instead of your hands because they tend to fall apart pretty easily. Enjoy!

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These carrot cake bars are simply amazing. I cannot believe how moist this cake comes out! Can you guess what the secret ingredient is? Baby food carrots! Who on earth would have ever thought to use such a thing? I think this is why these bars come out as moist as they do. I am absolutely smitten with this recipe and I know you and your family will be, too. You might want to make a double batch because these bars go fast!
This recipe calls for store-bought cream cheese frosting to keep things simple and easy but feel free to make your own if you would like.
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