Craving Crescent Rolls? This Recipe Is For YOU

This crescent roll recipe reminds me of that one night when my niece came over to sleep in my house.
She was in one of those moods that kids often have at this age. The moment I closed the door behind Andy, who brought her to me, she already started launching into one of her stories. This time, it was about the moon. She told me that her teacher taught them the different faces (they’re called phases, I know, but she thought they were spelled as faces) of the moon and their effects on the tides.

All night she talked about nothing but the moon. I made her soup for dinner, a creamy potato soup which she loved, and then I paired that off with crescent rolls that have ham and cheese inside them. I usually loved them plain, but since I knew she was coming, I put in a few treats inside.
She was staring at the crescent rolls the whole time and told me they looked like half moons. She was also trying to carve a face on the rolls with her fork, which I forbade her to do. I told her she shouldn’t play with her food.

Fortunately, my niece always listened to me and just started eating her dinner. But I still heard her say, “Goodbye, Mr. Moon” before biting into the soft pastry. On the next page is a recipe for the perfect crescent rolls that you will surely enjoy.

This is the perfect recipe for crescent rolls that I’m sure you will find convenient. It’s perfect for your everyday meals. It’s perfect for soup. It’s perfect as a sandwich. And it’s perfect as a bread because you can smother it with butter, jam, cream cheese, and jelly.

What more can you ask for? My mother would make casseroles out of crescent roll dough. One of the most famous “mom dishes” using these doughy little clumps of perfection is called Rueben Bake. Oh boy, was it ever good!

I am fond of buying those tubes of refrigerated dough because sometimes, I don’t have enough time on my hand. These crescent rolls though truly come out just like the ones you buy in stores! And they taste as good too. Now you have a recipe in your hand that will come in handy all the time.

To Find Out All The Delicious Ingredients And The Step By Step Directions To Follow, Please Head On Over To The Next Page.

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