Experts Have Declared the Amount of Time You Can Safely Leave Butter Unrefrigerated and It’s Definitely Not What You Would Expect

Oh, butter. There’s something so wonderfully magical about this item. Its spreadable quality makes it the ultimate partner for a toasty piece of bread or slathered atop a warm muffin. It also aids in perfect pastry perfections and meals galore! Because of its wide variety of uses, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who can go without the use of butter.

As a child, you likely got scolded once or twice for unintentionally leaving the milk on the counter for a few hours, causing it to spoil and ruining the entire gallon. Obviously, this scenario isn’t something that occurs intentionally but, on average, most dairy products require refrigeration if not in use. Things such as cheese, yogurt, and cream follows the same pattern.


When it comes to butter, there has seemed to be a little discrepancy. In my house growing up, butter always was refrigerated unless it need to sit out for some time to warm to room temperature. In my mother-in-law’s house, that’s completely opposite. She leaves her butter sitting in a dish on the counter.

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