Grandpa’s Favorite Beef and Scalloped Potatoes Casserole

There was no dish that could ever compare to my Grandma’s scalloped potatoes and Beef that she made every year for Christmas. No matter where we went and who else tried to make them…even my mom…it never was the same. After my Grandma passed away, I thought we would never be able to have that delicious meal again. That was, until I met my now husband.
When I went to celebrate the holidays with his family for the first time, he said his mom was making scalloped potatoes and beef. I thought, no way, it’s not going to be the same. Much to my surprise it tasted just as good as what I remembered Grandma making!

I had to ask his mom where she learned how to make this yummy casserole. She said she found the recipe on The Pioneer Woman. I didn’t think it was possible, but someone else knew how to make the beef and scalloped potatoes that we all missed so much.
I even took a dish to my Grandpa. He was amazed too. I was so excited I went home and made it again right away!

Recipe courtesy of The Pioneer Woman. Photo credits go to MyRecipes.

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