How To Make An Awesome Pie Without Much Effort

It’s Frozen, It’s Peanut Butter, It’s Out Of This World!
I found something really nice the day before. I was working (okay, I was browsing the internet mindlessly but hey, I was on a coffee break!) when I somehow ended up reading this wonderful blog by a lovely young lady called Steph. Her blog is called Steph’s Bite By Bite and it’s filled with all kinds of awesome things, for example food. I bet you weren’t surprised that it was food that caught my eye, haha!
Anyway, you know me, I had to go check all those amazing desserts and I am not even sure how many pages I got through, and how much drool I had on my keyboard by the time I came across this one. Guys, it’s frozen peanut butter pie. Did you hear what I said?
This might be the most taste bud-tantalizing pie I’ve ever tried in my life and my whole family was crazy about it. I was hoping to have at least one slice of leftovers to go with my morning coffee the next day… Not a chance. We destroyed the whole pie, every last crumb of it.

Recipe and image courtesy of Steph’s Bite By Bite

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