Old-Fashioned Country Mississippi Baked Corn Casserole

Baked corn casserole is a staple on our Sunday table.

When it comes to comfort food I am all “ears”. Ears of corn that is! The following recipe is from a Mississippi family cookbook and it couldn’t be any better.
If you like green bean casserole you are going to LOVE baked corn surprise. It’s the same idea but with corn and breadcrumbs. My husband and kids really like this side dish and ask for it often but I try to reserve this rare gem for Sunday dinners and holidays because it is so special. Do you and your family have a traditional food that you like to make for certain occasions? Ours would be this yummy corn casserole.
Now, all you have to do is click on over to the next page and you’ll be greeted by this wonderful recipe. It’s easy to make and only requires a handful of ingredients.


Corn casserole is a big deal over at our farm. We are mega corn eaters. I love my corn smothered in butter and salt. Yum! How do you enjoy eating your corn? I bet, after you taste this casserole, you’ll be thinking about adding it to your top ten list. I’m telling you what, ladies and gentlemen, this is a recipe for one uh-mazing side dish. It’s a southern delight created by our friends in the deep south. If you have ever visited Mississippi you will know that those folks don’t mess around when it comes to great tasting food.

Check out what my pals over at farm Families of Mississippi had to say about this delicious recipe:
Can you imagine harvesting over 119 million bushels of corn? That’s just what Mississippi Farm Families did this year bringing $436 million of production value to our state’s economy. The top producing county was Washington County.
119 million bushels?!?! Wowser!
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