Snuff Out Those Cold Weather Chills With Crock Pot Cocoa

Every year, a couple of days before Thanksgiving, my family heads out to find our Christmas tree.
Yeah, I know it is pretty early, but we like to enjoy it as long as possible (even if that means it is practically dead on Christmas day…whoops!). We set out (all eight of us, mind you!) in our family car and stop at different locations looking for the perfect tree (mom’s idea) at the perfect price (dad’s idea). When we have found the right tree, we load her up and head on home.
From there, we go into the garage and pull out all of the decorations for it. At this point, it is usually my mom stringing the lights, my dad sitting on the couch watching her and then the rest of us girls in the kitchen. Wanna know what we are doing?
Stirring away making an incredible hot chocolate. Now, every year it is a process. It takes time to prepare that hot chocolate and make it just perfect. That is why I am just thrilled to bring you this recipe for Crock Pot hot chocolate. Now what we do is put this in the slow cooker a few hours before we head out and when we return, it is good to go and we can all help decorate the tree. It really is so much better!

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