This Amish-Inspired Casserole Recipe Has Been a Huge Success For Decades

Don’t you just love it when you can make a meal using only one pan? I do! As much as I love cooking and trying new recipes, I do not appreciate the clean up afterwards.
Sometimes I feel sorry for my husband – he can’t stand the mess I leave behind in the kitchen, so he ends up doing the dishes. Oh well, I guess it’s not that bad – after all, I’m doing most of the cooking for him!

This dish is one of my husband’s favorites and mine, too, since it’s a one-pan dish! I love to cook this in a large cast iron skillet. Whatever people say about those fancy, new non-stick skillets, they can’t beat the good old cast iron! Every now and then I add more veggies to this, but sometimes I even leave out the carrots and keep it very basic.

I remember my Mom making this casserole when I was a kid. She would use leftover potatoes (we never threw any food away in our house) and added a little this and a bit of that, whatever she happened to have in the fridge. My Dad loved it so much he wanted her to make it every week!

This is a hearty casserole that your kids are going to fall in love with. You can easily change it up every time you make it, by using different kind of meat or adding more vegetables. I actually tend to make a double batch in two skillets at the same time – this is so delicious, everyone is going to want leftovers!
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