Chef John’s Fried Green Tomatoes

Did this recipe twice. First time, to me, was 4-star. To make it 5-star, for my family and I, I ditched the cornmeal, subbed buttermilk for the regular milk and doubled it, and used a LOT more cayenne (bringing it closer to the recipe I’ve always used). Follow the actual process of preparing the tomatoes and cooking them. These steps are very important and Chef John has laid them out very well. When finished, I used my own remoulade recipe (relish, mayo, lemon juice, hot sauce, cayenne, paprika, s&p, blended smooth), and stacked my tomatoes with crab cakes, with the remoulade (mixed with tiny salad shrimp) over all. DELISH!!!!

First attempt at fried green tomatoes…second time I ever ate them. Even the family members who turn up their noses at vegetables ate it because they loved the sauce..used spicy instead of sweet relish

Totally delish! Will definitely make again. Skipped the cornmeal since I didn’t have any. Still soooo good. Took me back to the south.

Chef John does a good job of describingthe process of cooking the tomatoes.I also used buttermilk, instead of regular milk. atop the tomatoes with goat cheese and made a Louisiana remolaude sauce.

My tomatoes had blossom end rot and I didn’t want to waste them so I found this recipe! After cutting the rotten part off, I cut them up. I used homemade bread crumbs I had in the fridge from a loaf that didn’t quite work out. (As you can see, I don’t like to waste!) I also used wheat flour for dredging in place of the white. As for the sauce, I don’t have hot sauce so instead I used some horseradish sauce. It turned out really good! I do believe fried green tomatoes are an acquired taste, but these were very palatable. This coming from someone who lives just down the road from the Whistle Stop CafĂ© where the movie was filmed~


4 (1/2 inch) slices green tomato
1 teaspoon salt

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