Sweet Southern Creamy Pralines

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This recipe was great!! I have been making pralines for 20 yrs and have always sit and stir and stir so it will get thick. It was so easy this time to use the mixer. Thank you so much.

Very nice recipe, but requires some experience to reach a good outcome. I recommend taking the candy mixture to 240 F. Once you remove it from heat, stir just enough to have the mixture begin to thicken. (DO NOT over-stir at this point or you’ll end up with crumbs! Delicious, but not very presentable.) Immediately pour onto a Silpat. Allow to cool completely without disturbing. Then cut or break apart into pieces. I would also increase the amount of pecans to about 2 cups.

These were excellent and have gotten rave reviews from everyone who has tried them. I did make a few changes though. The way the recipe is, they come out to be nuts clumps in the midst of a pile of praline “cookie.” I prefer the traditionaly southern pralines where it is a nut that is coated in a dry praline coating so I upped the quantity of pecans to 2 cups. I also added 1/4 c. real rum and about a tablespoon of dried ground ginger to the cinnamon/vanilla mixture. For the higher quantity of pecans, you have to move quickly as the praline mixture will cool quickly and begin to solidify around each nut very quickly. Just keep stirring which will break apart huge clusters, then spread on a baking sheet until cool. Then I pour them into a collander and toss all the loose sugar off. This also rounds the edges of the praline coating out on the nuts. Even better is that you can save the sugar that falls out of the collander and use as brown sugar in cookies! So delicious..

As a professional non-baker. Love to cook measuring timing are not my strong point. Love Praline year round. A southerner transplanted to The Great NW. Its not the same here. I have tried countless recipes through the years. With disappointing results. This recipe worked perfectly first try. So easy very easy to follow. I did change a few things. Used Pam Butter non-stick spray. Used 3tbls. Tillamook Sweet cream butter instead of Crisco butter flavor shortening. No problem there.


3 cups sugar
1 cup whole fat buttermilk
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